On-site Tech Support

A2Z Tech Fix is proud to provide on-site tech support to our customers while providing a safe and healthy setting when providing computer repairs and technology support.

Technology is awesome when it works. When it doesn’t it can drive us crazy.  We promote the remote tech support, but it isn’t always the best solution.  There are many times when hardware fails and a physical inspection is necessary and requires on-site tech support.  Other times it is necessary when an internet connection cannot be established.

There will be times when a system is too corrupt from software corruption due to infection or fail(ed) hardware.  When this happens it is good to have a backup of your data.  We realize that this is not always the case and attempt to copy the drive off to one of our drives, reload the operating system, and copy your user data back to the unit.

A2Z Tech Fix LLC also offers great on-site services to our customers so we can assist you when you need technology setup.  We support multiple operating systems and devices.  Some devices will be limited support or may require some research to setup so that the device(s) run correctly without issue.  We can assist you setup new computers, wireless routers, wireless printers, regular printers, and much more.  When we come across an instance of a customer who needs new equipment, it is our priority to find and suggest top quality product options that can be purchased at local businesses and online.

Domain Networks and Server Operating System setups should be done with certified Network Technicians available to you locally.  We may be able to assist in recommendations but ultimately it is up to you to choose who you want to service your company.

Data Recovery can be a long complicated process and is recommended that you find a local computer store to have this service performed.  Anyone who has issues with RAID systems should seek the assistance of your local or national computer repair stores because the repair for these services can take many hours and sometimes days to get the system repaired and working properly. If a unit is damaged, motor click can be heard, or drive does not spin up, then please contact our partner Kroll Ontrack.

There are many other technologies that are released weekly and we are willing to assist you if help is needed.  Realize that like you we also run into new stuff all the time and also learn along the way too.  Sometimes patience and understanding may be needed to help you get things setup or resolved in a proper manner.

On-site Tech Support labor is $70 an hour for mobile and computer related issues.  Wireless Networking is $100 an hour.  Other devices: $70 an hour or $100 an hour if it deals with networking.  Customers are charged a minimum of one hour per incident.

Call us or use the Contact Us form to discuss your problem and options that are available to you and setup an appointment for on-site tech support service when required.

We reserve the right to refuse service if we deem it necessary.  We will also determine if any charges are due in each situation.  This is not a common situation but must be noted here.

On-site Tech Support is a service that we primarily offer to the Huntsville and Madison, AL region.  We do offer service to the Limestone, Madison, and Morgan County areas by appointment only.  Travel time may be added to the total service call depending on distance and will be discussed when an appointment is setup.

If you are outside of North Alabama but in the United States of America: we recommend our Remote Tech Support option or take your unit to a local technician in your area for further troubleshooting and repair.